We summed up frequently encountered problems when using WPING.ORG for your reference. If your question is not on this page, or if you have additional questions, please contact us:  support@wping.org

Q: How to receive the lastest scanning information on a domain or IP? and How to rescan a domain or IP?

A: For web reputation data, including comprehensive security ratings, you can refresh the page or search again to get the latest data in real time. For information on websites, IPs, WHOIS, blacklists, etc. You can start a Rescan by clicking the Rescan button on the Analysis Results page. Rescanning may take a long time. We limit the use of rescan buttons and allow rescan only when data generation time was over 24 hours old.

Q: What is the user contribution value? How to improve user contribution and contribution ranking?

A: The user contribution value is generated by the number and accuracy of user ratings on the WPING.ORG system. The more reviews you contribute, the higher your user contributions get. Your redundant submissions, or submissions that are considered to be irresponsible, will affect your user contributions. User contribution rankings are your calculated contribution rankings in the WPING.ORG user community for a period of 24 hours, based on user contributions.

With different contributions , the impact of users’ rating on the final result of the WPING.ORG content will be different. In addition, we will reward users with high user contribution, such as the API functions, the query limitations, etc.

Q: Does WPING.ORG support API request?

Q: WPING.ORG offers API request interface through the REST protocol. Please contact us for API access and user guide.

Q: Is it okay to integrate the WPING.ORG service in commercial services?

A: WPING.ORG is a free service and relies on querying third-party services, etc. You may not use / integrate WPING.ORG data content in / on commercial services / products. If WPING.ORG detects an automated script or bot submitting queries or crawling WPING analysis and scaning results, WPING.ORG may automatically ban IP addresses that submit too many requests in N seconds.

Q: Can WPING.ORG data be used for commercial purposes?

A: You can temporarily store WPING.ORG data locally, but you cannot sell / transfer WPING data to third parties. Information displayed through the WPING.ORG service may be the copyright of WPING.ORG or from different blacklist providers and / or other web service providers and you may not directly use the data for commercial purposes.

Q: How do you deal with user submitted URL (including domain name / IP address)?

A: When you submit a URL or domain name / IP on WPING.ORG’s website or service, we simply store the data in a database. We do not disseminate or sell these data externally.

Q: The reputation data and security ratings you provide, are they accurate?

A: WPING.ORG relies heavily on user-generated data, or user reviews, to calculate rating results. We cannot guarantee that each user’s rating is accurate and therefore cannot guarantee that the final result is absolutely accurate. Of course, we use complex algorithms and combine a variety of direct or indirect information to maximize the accuracy of the results.

Q: Why is my website classified as suspicious or malicious? How to complain False Positive?

A: If you have doubts about our classification or if you find that the data on our website (our scan results) is inaccurate, please visit Complaint page to file a compliant request.

Q: Is there a complete list of blacklist vendors/scanning engines?

A: We do not currently provide a complete list of blacklist scanning engines. For each scan, the black list service used by WPING.ORG may not be the same due to different scanning entities (domain name or IP address, etc.), scanning time and scanning environment. We cannot guarantee that your scanning request will use a specific blacklist engine.

Q: How to delete my website information?

A: We need to understand why we are required to delete your website information. Is it due to data accuracy or other reasons? Please note that we cannot and will not mislead the user to a website (including domain name, IP) rating, which is entirely user-determined. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can find a reasonable solution without having to remove the website data.

Q: How do I report bugs or service malfunctions on WPING.ORG?

A: Please feel free to contact us or visit Complaint page to file a compliant request.