WPING Reputation System

The WPING Web Reputation Rating System is based on the Crowd-Voting concept and incorporates a wide range of information generated in real time for a comprehensive security rating for websites / domains / IP addresses.

WPING reputation system is based on user evaluation. We use the Crowd-Voting concept, giving trusted voting power to users and relying on a large number of Internet users to generate the final outcome of the reputation scores. The more users participate in the evaluation, the more accurate the evaluation result. We record and calculate user’s trust rating on website / domain name / IP address. Users can choose “trust”, “suspicious”, and “not trust.” Based on the results of user polls, we calculate the reputation score for that site / domain / IP address. Users can also comment based on their personal experience. reputation scores and user reviews can help other internet users make decisions about whether to trust a website, including domain names and IPs.

The user-driven approach makes WPING.ORG different from other automatically identified blacklists. In addition to the traditional security threats (such as viruses, malware, Trojans, etc.), WPING.ORG will also protect you from threats like fraud, unreliable online stores, unreliable, unhealthy, and other suspicious content. Pass every user’s security browsing experience to WPING.ORG, as well as all users of WPING.ORG.

In addition, we also introduced the concept of child safety ratings, to support users to mark the inappropriate website for children to browse. User recommendations on child safety together with the reputation score constitute the final child safety rating.

To help users identify and categorize website content, we’ve added the function to mark the categories of the website, and users can choose the right category for the web site (including domain names, IPs) from over 50 web content category options summarized by WPING.

In addition to user ratings and comments on websites (including domain names, IPs), we also provide detailed information about the domain and IP addresses, including domain name information, IP address information, website availability information, WHOIS (Domain Name Registration) information, reverse resolution Information, and more than 100 well-known blacklist verdict data.

WPING reputation system has the following characteristics: