WPING.ORG Terms of Service

WPING.ORG Terms of Services (hereinafter referred to as “ToS“) Constitute a legally binding agreement between you and WPING.ORG, and the use of https://www.wping.org/ (hereinafter referred to as”Website“).

By using the website for webpage / domain name / IP search, or using the results generated by the website / domain name / IP, you agree to the agreement. If you do not agree, please do not visit the WPING.ORG platform or website or use our Web / domain / IP analysis report. We may modify this Agreement in case of version update or content upgrade. If you continue to use the WPING.ORG service, you agree to be bound by these changes. We will make a statement as soon as we change the terms and conditions, and please review our ToS and Privacy Policy regularly.

Service Content

WPING.ORG service content (hereinafter referred to as “Content“) Contains information on the web site / domain name / IP reputation scores, child safety scores, website category, comprehensive security ratings, and other website analysis / scan results pages provided on the website, as well as other follow-up website analysis results service.

Rights and restrictions

If you agree with our terms, we will give you personal, non-commercial and non-transferable rights to use the content provided on the site. You may use our content for free, but only for personal and non-commercial purposes. You may not assign or re-license the right to others nor can you circumvent such personal and non-commercial use restrictions by any means.

In addition, you agree not to:

WPING may suspend or terminate your access to WPING’s websites and content if you violate the above usage restrictions and retain the right to pursue legal obligations.


We are committed to providing privacy for our users. Therefore we only process and store user data for Registered User Management and Service Access Management. For more information on user privacy, read ourPrivacy policies.

User Generated Content

The information provided by WPING’s website relies heavily on user-generated content. User-generated content includes subjective evaluation, classification, comment, and error correction content of the website / domain name / IP. You hereby promise and agree that user-generated content submitted by you or any other applicable user to WPING’s website shall not violate any applicable laws, including but not limited to infringement of the rights of others, defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties, Privacy, racism or hate speech or violation of the rights of any third party. In addition, you can not infringe or abuse our rating services to influence and mislead other users.

Third-party Data

In the principle of openness and sharing, we used data such as third-party blacklists. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any third-party blacklist data. If you have any questions about our third-party data, please contact us.


Because the content on the WPING website is largely based on the user’s subjective evaluation, the information provided by the WPING website may not be completely accurate. We only generate cybersecurity reference suggestions based on user generated content and its scan information. We do not make any representations or warranties regarding the suitability, reliability, or accuracy of the contents on the WPING website.

If you have any questions about the WPING Terms of Service, please contact us: contact@wping.org